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Go Virtual with YES Web Conferencing

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The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of services and industries to a screeching halt. But organizations don’t have to wait for normalcy to return to get their participants into employment positions and other development experiences. Moving the application and interview processes, and even the full job experience, remotely into the virtual realm allows these programs to continue undeterred.

We’ve talked before about how Digicon’s YES is benefiting youth programs during the pandemic. To expand YES’s uses even further, we’ve now integrated our web conferencing product, .office Live, into the system so program administrators, mentors, youths, and workplace employers can safely hold discussions and conduct secure interviews remotely. With no additional downloads or setup required, administrators only need to log into YES to create a web meeting, and attendees only need an Internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Real-Time Q&As and Training

Share documents and PDF The web conferencing system is already built into YES, so no additional software or logins are needed to set up a web meeting. This makes it easy to hold real-time Q&A sessions with youths, parents, or employers, with included features like public and private chats, polling, and a status option to raise your hand. Meetings can be recorded and saved so others can watch it later. For job training or information sessions, .office Live makes it easy to present PDF and Microsoft Office documents in real time with a simple click of a button.

The .office Live system is also great for chatting with youths if they need help to fill job applications, or any other support they need. Program supervisors can consistently check in with them to collect feedback on how their jobs are working out for them. This level of communication also encourages counseling and advice opportunities to help mentor youth participants in their development.

Security for Interviews

Conduct secure interviews with our web conference tool

Our system’s security features provide the peace of mind that program leaders need when discussing sensitive application information with candidates, or for worksites conducting serious job interviews with applicants.

Each meeting generates a unique link for either moderators or attendees, and only people who are sent those links can join. In addition, with our PIN feature, meeting leaders can be extra sure that only the right people have access. We also provide the option to run .office Live on a separate dedicated server for a more secure environment, at an additional cost.

Use YES’s Web Conferencing with Your Community

sign up Does your youth-focused program have the remote technology you need to make sure you keep communicating with your community? Minimize both public health and online security concerns by using YES’s built-in .office Live system to support your organization. We’ll show you how to use our tool to accommodate your program going virtual.

Learn more about .office Live’s simple and interactive features on our website. You can also read more about how youth programs around the country have gone remote to continue providing opportunities to members of their communities, such as Baltimore, Maryland—one of our YES clients—and Denver, Colorado. Then fill out our contact form to set up a free consultation!

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