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Our customized solutions are designed to make your business more
efficient and more profitable without draining your resources.
At Centrivity, we understand that every business is unique. We work closely with our clients to design customized IT solutions that fit their business models. Do you want to upgrade your IT systems but have no idea where to start? No problem! Below, we've outlined three different business classes: small, medium, and large. Browse our products and services in the categories below.

Centrivity can help launch your business by providing you with all of the IT solutions and services start-ups need. Whether you need a domain name, a website, or web hosting services, we'll get your business up and running fast.

Today there seems to be an infinite amount of IT solutions designed to help businesses prosper. The trick is finding out what's right for your company, and your budget. Our experts at Centrivity will do exactly that.

Do you have a large, established business that is looking to expand? Whether you need more space on the cloud, more racks and servers, or help developing a custom piece of software, Centrivity can help.


Centrivity is a leading solutions provider that solves mission-critical business needs for companies that require advanced information technology solutions. We provide significant cost savings and business efficiencies to your business through our world-class service and professionally managed solutions that are rapidly deployed and offer unsurpassed security. We optimize cost savings for your business through our unique, single-source delivery of net-centric business applications, managed services, and cloud infrastructure services.


In today’s market, small- and medium-sized businesses too often drain their valuable company resources on IT-related issues. By using Centrivity’s solution set, your company will improve its profitability by saving time, money, and resources spent on IT issues, as well as continually benefiting from the latest advancements in technologies. You can also expect lower total cost of ownership and fewer upfront costs in technology expenditures including hardware, software, and staff.