Professional Services

Centrivity has an array of technical service and professional consultants who are ready to help solve your toughest problems.
Our consultants are available to you on a retainer, on an on-call basis, or as needed. Learn how our professionals can increase the productivity and effectiveness of your business below.


Monitoring (Response & Availability) Services

Our network monitoring service is the systematic effort to detect slow or failing network components, such as overloaded or crashed/frozen servers, failing routers, failed switches or other problematic devices. Some of the features include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Response – Offers complete suite of network monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring and web site monitoring.
  • Tier-1 Response – Response remediation includes reporting incidents to your ISP providers and escalation to a higher tier level in restoring services to normal status.
  • Multi-Metric Monitoring – For typical network devices, we monitor a standard set of metrics which include link status, bandwidth utilization, errors and packets. Other popular metrics include CPU utilization, memory, disk usage and power supplies.
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based service delivery – Follows Event Management, Incident Management and Problem Management ITIL Best Practices.

Desktop Support Services

Our desktop support service provides varying levels of desktop support via private-labeled telephone, email, and live chat support. Desktop Support includes all major operating systems, standard applications (including 3rd party or proprietary applications) and related services, such as network and printer configuration, mobile device synchronization, virus removal and general administrative tasks.

  • Reduced costs and increased productivity allows your team to focus on more complicated, second-tier customer inquiries.
  • Our agents are trained to know your business and communicate as an in-house employee, acting as an extension of your brand.
  • Our agents are available around the clock and offer live service facilitation, remediation, and escalation.
  • Our extensive knowledge base provides your customers with quick, accurate and professional help. This reduces average call times with quicker call resolutions.
  • Monthly or quarterly metrics reporting available.

SaaS and Software Design and Development

Centrivity offers both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Software Design and Development Services. Our software developers can provide a full array of services required to design, construct, and implement software. Depending on your needs and preferences, our developers can work with you as a mentor or as an advisor. In addition to the design and launch of your software, we also provide scheduled maintenance, making sure your systems are working properly.

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Systems Engineer

Our systems engineers have extensive experience designing, installing, and maintaining Windows, Solaris, Linux, and other UNIX variants. In addition, our systems engineers have extensive experience designing, installing,and maintaining Storage Area Networks (SANs) and various disaster recovery solutions.

Database Engineer

Our database engineers can provide services such as evaluating and tuning existing database systems. Our engineers have extensive experience designing new database models, implementing both large-and small-scale physical databases, and have experience with many commercial database engines. We can also provide support if you are using open-source databases such as MySQL.

Network Engineer

Our network engineers have extensive experience in all areas of network design, installation, maintenance, tuning, and security. Centrivity’s designation as a Cisco Gold Partner allows us to provide unrivaled support to our network customers.

Project Manager

The project manager can handle the day-to-day project management of your technical solution and is responsible for keeping senior management abreast of all changes, statuses, timelines, and objectives needed to deploy your new technical solution.

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