Cloud Services

The recent ubiquity of cloud and virtualization services has given organizations a greater range of options for running their businesses. Business owners no longer need a massive amount of physical hardware to accomplish a task.


Whether you want to fully outsource your IT operations, expand your business capabilities with virtualized services, or procure traditional services for your physical infrastructure, our cloud solutions will meet your needs.


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Virtualized Services

Virtualization services are all related to the abstraction of logical functions from their physical media. The cloud itself is a virtualized environment in which data and applications can be hosted. Virtualization is frequently done on-site, within an organization’s existing infrastructure, and is a necessary first step toward moving IT resources to the cloud. Our virtualization technologies consolidate and connect servers, computers, and applications.


Numerous servers use the same physical hardware concurrently. Each virtualized server (also known as instances) runs on a virtual (software) imitation of the hardware layer. This approach allows the operating system that runs the instance to be used without modifications, simplifying the process. It also allows the administrator to create virtual servers that use different operating systems.
VDI separates the desktop from the physical machine. When using VDI, you can interact with a machine via any compatible device through the Internet instead of having to work with the physical machine. Typically, 70 or more PCs can be run from a single server concurrently.
This differs from the standard virtual desktop only in the fact that a third party, typically a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), builds, maintains, and publishes the PCs on CSP servers rather than on the client’s servers. As a result, it has all the benefits of both virtualization and the cloud.
This is the hosting of individual applications in an environment separated from the underlying operating system. This lets users access the application without a local copy of the operating systems and hardware required to support the application. For example, a virtualized Windows application can be run by an Apple iOS tablet; the application is actually running on a server in a data center and not on the local machine.

Storage Services

Virtual storage provides disk capacity for the compute services described above. Our storage environments are built using large-scale storage arrays. This allows us to add or replace any hardware to the environment without disrupting the system.
Centrivity's BaaS backs up all categories of data, wherever it is located, rapidly and efficiently. The bottom line for data protection is to ensure that data and applications are easily accessible immediately following a failure. BaaS features powerful, autonomic healing and validated restoration functionality that will provide peace of mind that critical data will be there when it is needed.

Infrastucture-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Our IaaS provides you with a cloud-based data center without requiring you to install any new equipment. Our IaaS gives you the ability to scale infrastructure service demands based on your real-time requirements. Centrivity owns, manages, and maintains all of the equipment and products; you just need to indicate your requirements. Our IaaS includes “as-a-Service” support for servers, Central Processing Units (CPUs), disaster recovery, and networking. We provide these resources on demand through Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity and dedicated Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) within our private cloud, or brokered from our cloud partners. We tailor our IaaS solution for individual clients based on their requirements to balance cost with security needs.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

In our on-site data center, we offer cloud PaaS that supports Windows, Linux, GNU, BLAST, ClustalW, EMBOSS, LAMP, and almost any open-source or client-provided environments. PaaS is an efficient, cost-effective way to provision hardware, operating systems, storage, and network capacity over the Internet. The Centrivity cloud service delivery model allows you to rapidly deploy virtualized servers and services for running existing applications or developing and testing new ones.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Through our SaaS model we are able to provide a variety of software applications to our customers through cloud utilization. Our powerful suite of Internet-based office applications are easy-to-use and affordable. These robust applications can be accessed universally on any device with a standard web browser. They provide business leaders with the tools they need to effectively manage their business and enable employees to communicate and share information anytime and anywhere.

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