Large-Scale IT Needs

Do you have a large established business that is looking to expand? Whether you need more space on the cloud, more servers, or help developing custom software, Centrivity can help.


Our services below are designed for large operations. Due to the complex nature of these services, if executed, each service will be personalized to your business needs.

Enterprise Cloud Services

Large, established organizations require a massive amount of cloud storage and higher bandwidth to operate. In order to fulfill this need, we are proud resellers of Amazon, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure cloud services. Our partnerships allow you to purchase an unlimited quantity of cloud resources at competitive rates. By using our relationships with these organizations, the time needed to launch new server instances is reduced from hours or days to minutes. The scalable nature of the cloud allows you to increase or decrease capacity as needed, saving you time and resources.

Infrastructure Expansion (Large-Scale IaaS)

There comes a point in time when your business will outgrow its current infrastructure and will need to expand to ensure its continued success. Having a reliable infrastructure in place is essential. Whether you need a small upgrade with your current system or you want to move your operation into a server farm, we have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you with the transition.

Load Balancing-as-a-Service (LBaaS)

Each of our data centers contains a cluster of F5 Big IP Load balancers. F5 is the premier provider of load balancing hardware. These clusters allow us to detect server load and direct traffic to individual servers based on load, the location of the end-user, or other similar rules. We can also apply SSL certificates to the F5 infrastructure to enable secure web traffic without the need to maintain certificates for individual servers.

Enterprise Software Development

Our software developers can create customized software for your business based on your needs and requirements. Compared to off-the-shelf software programs, custom software has numerous advantages for your business. First, it is guaranteed to work seamlessly with your existing environment: the software will run exactly how you want it to. Second, custom software will increase your cybersecurity; customer software is much more difficult to hack than an off-the-shelf program anyone can buy. And third, it is very easy to maintain and scale up or down - these are simple tasks for our software developers, but are basically impossible for off-the-shelf software vendors.

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