Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Centrivity's powerful suite of Internet-based office applications are easy to use and affordable. These robust applications can be accessed universally on any device with a standard web browser. They provide business leaders with the tools they need to effectively manage their business and enable employees to communicate and share information anytime and anywhere.



A variety of business applications at your fingertips.


SaaS applications are indistinguishable from applications directly installed on a device. Users have access to full capabilities and functions. Centrivity stores, maintains, and updates applications in its data center to be delivered on demand. Centralized password control and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) help maintain a high level of security. In addition, we are capable of designing, building, hosting, backing up, and storing data, as well as managing our SaaS applications.


.Office Core Applications:

All of our applications have user administration features such as role-based security and user management.

Customer Database

This application provides your business the ability to have and manage a consolidated database of all corporate-level contacts or companies. In addition, these centralized companies and contacts are integrated with all applications in .Office that make use of customer or contact information. Includes a sign-in function that is secure and mobile-friendly.

Corporate Library

The corporate library allows users to browse and search libraries of documents such as employee handbooks, newsletters, benefits information, presentations, or any other type of documents you choose to upload. Users can be granted administrative rights to control and manage documents in the library.

Purchase Requests

Track and approve all requests to purchase items. When employees, managers or anyone else in your business needs to have something purchased by the company or business, you can use this application to enforce an approval process. Approval processes can be automated and customized for maximum efficiency.



.Office Add-On Applications:

Sales Force Automation

This system is designed to track prospective leads and opportunities ranging from commercial opportunities to Federal, state and local government agencies and specializes in tracking Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Quotes (RFQ). Our Lead Tracking System gives organizations an unprecedented visibility into their business development pipeline. Business developers can manage and track their leads throughout the entire process, from evaluating lead creditability, to bid or no bid decisions and finally, contract awards or winning the proposal with a commitment to buy.

Service Tickets

This application  provides an easy way to manage and keep track of problems or issues in one place. Some of the key features include organizing tickets using customizable lists for category, class and priority; a flexible user-definable tagging system; automatic email notifications; and many more.

Human Resources (HR) Bundle (2 apps in 1)

Both of these HR related apps work together to maximize efficiency. With the HR tool you can look up employee profiles, run employee reports, manage lists and much more. The Resume & Certifications application in .Office is designed to allow employees, both general users and managers, to upload and verify certifications and resumes to a centralized system without sending the documents via email to HR. This allows employees to update certification and resume information on an as-needed basis and gives the company a more up-to-date and comprehensive view of employees’ education and capabilities.


Thinking about a business application that you don't see here? Not to worry! We create new applications for our clients all the time. No matter what your restrictions or business needs may be, we'll be able to help get you where you need to go.


Software Development

Do you need a custom application built? We can have our developers build them for you and save you time and money.

  • Centrivity has experience in developing applications
  • Proven development and staging systems with corresponding processes in place for building, deploying, and maintaining our applications
  • Leverage our pre-existing user management and security framework that is already built into our SaaS system
  • We only need to focus on creating the custom modules for your specific or unique needs
  • We have a production hosting environment that is monitored 24/7, and all data is automatically backed up daily



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